Where to Download CS:GO 

Nothing can cause happiness and improve your mood more than playing an exciting game with friends. But have you heard of CSGO and wondered how to download it and fuel your adventure? Well, don’t worry! Read on as this guide takes you through where to download the game and the downloading process. What is CSGO? … Read more

Reasons to Avail the PRO Services

PRO services, also known as public relations official services, are essential for businesses looking to operate legally and efficiently. The UAE has strict laws and regulations governing labour relations, business setup, and other administrative procedures, which can be complex and time-consuming for businesses to navigate.  PRO services company in Dubai can help businesses comply with … Read more

McAfee Technology sells its enterprise cybersecurity for $4 Billion

mcafee technology 4bsawersventurebeat

In a $4 billion all-cash agreement, McAfee is selling its enterprise cybersecurity division to Palo Alto-based private equity firm Symphony Technology Group. mcafee technology group 4bsawersventurebeat. The sale occurred just five months after McAfee returned to the Nasdaq after a 10-year absence, despite its shares stagnating around their $20 IPO price. With this most recent … Read more

Mosyle raised $196M in Series B Funding led by Insight Partners

moysle 196m insight partnerswiggerstechcrunch

Mosyle, a Florida mobile device management company, raised $ 196 million in Series B funding. Insight Partners oversaw the rounding fund. StepStone Group, Eleahnt and Album VC also participated. moysle 196m insight partnerswiggerstechcrunch. The funding goal was to speed up the growth and magnify operations. The budget saw CEO Alcyr Araujo of Mosyle lead the … Read more