Mosyle raised $196M in Series B Funding led by Insight Partners

Mosyle, a Florida mobile device management company, raised $ 196 million in Series B funding. Insight Partners oversaw the rounding fund. StepStone Group, Eleahnt and Album VC also participated. moysle 196m insight partnerswiggerstechcrunch.

The funding goal was to speed up the growth and magnify operations. The budget saw CEO Alcyr Araujo of Mosyle lead the platform to provide Apple devices, management and security.

Mosyle will design and integrate five crucial applications into a single Apple-only platform. Mosyle makes it stress-free with a combination of mobile device management (MDM), internet privacy, endpoint security, and identity and application management. Businesses can now install, manage and even protect Apple devices at their workplaces and schools.

Various applications on Apple devices can now work for education and enterprise customers. Even though Mosyle is not a cybersecurity company, it has leveled up security for Apple and its devices and network connections.

The company has always concentrated on product innovation. This has made the application customer-friendly. Due to favorable feedback from customers, the platform has become a preference for most enterprises and educational ventures. Both small and big companies in the Apple device management space refer to Mosyle.

The platform provides an integration of five features:

  • Superior device Management

Provides MDM for iOS, tvOS and Mac OS, and support for BYOD and Google, Microsoft, and Active directory integrations.

  • 24/7 Tight Security

Provides and deploys protection no matter where the location of the device. It follows cybersecurity rules and scans and isolates infected devices. Not only that, but it also wipes out data from the infected devices.

Automates and manages security of official accounts—for instance, that of the official version of the Admin On-Demand.

  • Net Privacy and Security

DNS functions with encryption automate web filtering on Apple endpoints entirely.

  • Identity Management

It combines Single Sign On (SSO) functionality and two-factor authentication. This ensures the penultimate security level for all Apple devices. Security standardization for employees across all Mac products makes it easy to use work credentials.

Applications that it supports- Microsoft 365, Ping Identity, Okta, Google Workspace, etc.

  • Application Management

Organizations can now remotely array and update, and monitor any Apple-compatible app. This is possible on any device, irrespective of whether the Apple Store has a particular app.

The funding proved that companies need more than traditional MDM in a hybrid workspace.